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One Shot samples

Steve Cooper

Go to solution Solved by David Nahmani,

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Many thanks, this is great I will be able to save one shots to a specific folder where I can easily access, is the best place bookmarks in all files area?


OP, you're looking for the location of the files in the directory structure, right?


There are a few separate locations Logic stores One-Shot samples, for the different instruments..


Alchemy Samples (instrument and drum samples):

//Library/Application Support/Logic/Alchemy Samples/


EXS/Sampler Samples (instrument and drum samples):

//Library/Application Support/Logic/EXS Factory Samples/


UltraBeat Samples (mostly drums):

//Library/Application Support/Logic/UltraBeat Samples/


Indeed, I have the paths to the above three folders in my Bookmarks accessible from the 'All Files' tab in the browser.

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Thank you all, my kit is half acoustic the rest pads/triggers looking to create midi sounds/program changes, I intend to use a bank of sounds of one shots, loops and anything else in MainStage3 performances, attached is kit layout, I am old school this is big learning curve, appreciating your helpful comments, thanks


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