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Routing audio back to Rednet x2p

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Hi all, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. We just installed a new studio, using Dante to connect 15 MacPros in a classroom, as well as connect some Yamaha mic input racks, and a vocal booth. The vocal booth is where the X2p is.


The way it is setup, audio from LPX goes to an Apollo interface and out to the audio monitors. Works as expected.

What we’re having trouble with, though, is having the X2p in the vocal booth receive audio from LPX during tracking, or any other time. I’ve taken quite a bit of Dante training, so I do understand the routing (we use Dante Via and Controller, not DVS).


I feel that there’s something fundamental I’m missing in either LPX output preferences or the Via routing. We’ve tried setting to Via 16-track output, stereo out, neither gets sound to the X2p headphone out.


Tried making an aggregate device a while back, combining the Dante output with the Apollo, but that also didn’t work as expected.


The Rednet X2p is definitely recognized on the Dante network; I never see it, though, as a choice in LPX preferences.


I must be thinking of this in the wrong way. Thx for any help!

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I work in a Dante equipt facility (RedNet) but have limited experience with Dante Via. Our studio computers (running LPX) have RedNet PCIe cards in place of your Apollo so routing to our AM2's for HP's is simple with Dante Controller - they are all on the Dante network.

I also work in a MacLab that has Dante Via on the iMacs running LPX. I have been able to send audio from an iMac to the Control Room Mac via Dante Via. This is the opposite of what you're doing, and my memory is a little fuzzy on this but I remember it being a multi-step process to work. It didn't involve creating an aggregate device though.

On the MacLab iMac I remember connecting LPX to Dante Via 16-track output and then going into Dante controller on another computer, finding that iMac and connecting two of it's outputs to the RedNet PCIe card of the Control Room Mac.


So, I guess for you: LPX with Apollo has Dante Via running with LPX connected to 16-channel output then in Dante Controller connect that Mac's transmitters to the X2p receivers.


Hope this helps. If you replaced your Apollo with a Dante PCIe card this would all go away but I'm sure that's nit particularly helpful.



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You're welcome. I hope you sort it out!

There is probably a hardware solution as well if you wanted to go that route. You could use a Dante AVIO adapter connected to a pair of outputs on your Apollo connected to your switch or router then connect the AVIO to the X2p in Dante Controller.

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