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Moving a Take Folder on the grid causes the composite/edit to change


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This is very bizarre and I've never encountered it before, but the issue is as described in the subject.


I have a guitar part made up of a bunch of takes that have been spliced together inside a take folder. If I move the take folder around on the grid, the editing/composite that I've pieced together changes. To make things stranger, it only changes once I move it past a certain area of the grid. Anybody have any clue what's going on? There's no groups on, no SMPTE locking or automation or anything. Also happening with some other take folders, but not ALL, weirdly. Sounds like it's probably a bug. I'm on 10.5.1.



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Sure thing Dave, see below.






It looks like it was probably a tempo thing as you suggest - I noticed under Project Settings > Smart Tempo that that Project Tempo mode was set to 'Automatic Mode' for some reason when I think it should have been set to Keep Tempo.


thanks for your help Dave.

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