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Step Input Midi Recording - Midi Channel Problem


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I have a midi guitar-like controller that sends string 1 on midi channel 1, string 2 on midi channel 2, etc. So using 6 midi channels for this instrument, which then plays Ample Guitar software instrument, which can restrict the software string to the midi channel.


This works fine when I live-record midi as the recorded notes retain their midi channel, but this controller is really hard to play, not very guitar like, so I would sometimes like to just do Step Input Recording when possible.




I tried to use Step Input Recording to record a bunch of whole note chords, but the midi channel for each note is replaced with the single midi channel in the Step Input Keyboard. So that is unusable for my use case.




1. Is there a setting somewhere in Logic where I can change this behavior so the recorded notes midi channel is retained?

2. If not, does anyone know if any other DAWs can do this?



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