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I have a Yamaha Montage keyboard synthesizer. It can send out both audio and/or MIDI at the same time with one USB to Host cable using a DAW .

I already own LOGIC PRO X and The Montage came with Cubase AI.

The Montage is a Audio interface as well that has a A/D input and can send out up to 16 channels of Audio and MIDI at the the same time.


Yamaha showed that the Montage keyboard can send 8 different parts (8 instruments) to there corresponding audio tracks and/or midi tracks using a DAW after setting up the audio tracks and/or midi tracks using a DAW at the same time using (LOGIC PRO X, CUBASE AI, CUBASE PRO, PRO TOOLS, etc.).



I at first recorded the 8 different parts (8 instruments) using 1 (one) MIDI channel (it might have been 8 channels) to 1 (one) MIDI track using CUBASE AI and was able to separate all 8 parts (8 instruments) to there own MIDI tracks, were I was able to use the MIDI tracks to send the MIDI information back to the Montage's Tone Engine to record the instruments I picked to there own audio tracks. 8 Audio tracks.

I also was able to record 8 MIDI tracks at the same time too, using 8 MIDI channels. With out separating 1 MIDI track to 8 MIDI tracks. And converted the MIDI recordings to Audio,

to there own Audio tracks needing to use the Montage for the Tone Engine to generate the sound for the audio.



If I use an Audio interface with 8 inputs whether XLR or 1/4 inch I could record 8 parts/instruments at the same time using LOGIC PRO X connected with a USB to Host cable.

If I set up 8 or more Software tracks I can and would use the Montage to play and record those Software instruments at the same time to there own tracks using LOGIC PRO X connected with a USB to Host cable.


My Questions;

Can you record multiple MIDI tracks using separate MIDI channels at the same time while using LOGIC PRO X while using the one USB to Host cable?

Do I record 1 MIDI track using 8 MIDI channels like I can with CUBASE AI?

How do you set up to use 8 MIDI tracks with the corresponding 8 MIDI channels? Using the one USB to HOST cable?

Is there an option or command/menu to separate 1 MIDI track if 8 MIDI channels were used on it and separate the information to there own individual MIDI tracks like I can with CUBASE?

How can I get a MIDI track recording and covert to audio like I can with CUBASE AI?

Would I be able to do that with multiple MIDI tracks and covert them using an external tone engine/generator?


With the USB to HOST connection You would be Using Port 1 to send messages to a computers DAW from the MIDI keyboard being used (From Sender) and then using Port 3 to send back the information from the computers DAW back to the MIDI Keyboard (Back to Sender).


I want to record 8 MIDI tracks at the same time using the 8 separate MIDI channels.

Yamaha said the Montage can send up to 16 Audio and MIDI channels to a DAW

and can be used at the same time. (Could be more)

Part 1 on Audio track 1, Part 2 on Audio track 2, Part 3 on Audio track 3 etc., etc.

Midi channel 1 on MIDI track 1, Midi channel 2 on MIDI track 2, Midi channel 3 on MIDI track 3, etc., etc.

Everybody can record multiple Audio tracks when using a Audio interface and multiple Software instrument tracks when using a MIDI controller keyboard at the same time.

Then I would like to covert those MIDI tracks to Audio tracks like I can with CUBASE.


Is this possible?

Any response with information would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, one USB cable provides all the MIDI and audio interfacing.


The 8 part limit is only for keyboard playing. Via MIDI all 16 parts are available (each on it's own MIDI channel )along with 16 stereo audio tracks, plus 16 additional MIDI channels for other hardware connected to the Montage.


Be careful using the word Port when talking about MIDI and the Montage. Port != Channel. The Montage has multiple MIDI ports, one carries the 16 MIDI channels for the Montage, one carries 16 MIDI channels for other devices connected ot Montgae's MIDI IN and OUT jacks and and others are used for the Yamaha Connect plugin and the DAW Remote function.


If you are asking how to hook it all up, go here

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Thanks. I spend a lot of time on Yamahasynth.com too. There they only really answer question with Cubase. I would rather use Logic pro x.

I am just trying to figure out how to mainly use MIDI tracks and convert them to Audio tracks like I did when I used Cubase AI.

I have used Montage Connect too but haven't used it with Logic yet..

I would set up a Performance or record Patterns from a Performance or Record a Performance itself on the Montage, then use Montage Connect to use with Logic Pro X.

But I can also create songs using the Montage with Logic itself just using MIDI, and Logic's software instruments.

There are so many different ways of recording not only with the Montage but using it with the DAW's.

Because of all the options I am trying to keep things as simple as possible. But create a solid workflow to make use of all the options with Logic and the Montage.

I want to get all the Tech stuff, the settings and engineering out the way so I can play my guitars and keyboard to create, write, rehearse, and record with ease.

I just want to make sure I understand clearly how to set up the MIDI tracks using with the MIDI channels.

Thank you for your response "enoossified"

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yahamasynth.com is Cubase centric because Yamaha has owned Steinberg for many years and have built tight integration with Cubase into their synths. The DAW Remote feature (and the sequencer improvements) just added to Montage in the new OS simply brought back features in the Motifs that had been dropped resulting in many complaints from owners.


Get back to me if you need more help. I used Yamaha Motifs for years and the MIDI and audio interfcaing is largely the same with Montage.



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I hear you. I own a MOTIF ES6. I understand you perfectly clear.

I am updating my iMac to the new 2020 27 inch. I recently have the Late 2013 21.5 inch and it's giving me problems.

Since I just got the Montage a couple months ago I'll be getting as familiar as I can with it first then set up the computer when it gets here in few more weeks.

I'll hit you up later down the road with Logic Pro questions if you can and/or have the time.

Thanks again.

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The thread here on Logic Pro Help "sending midi sequencing to synth"

is my goal of this thread.

In that thread the video shows Musictechhelpguy using a MIDI keyboard and the Motif Rack but has the other equipment hooked up.

With the MONTAGE I can use it this way by itself with LOGIC PRO. Right? In that video's exact way just without the other gear and using the one USB to HOST cable..


Not knowing then but I could have & still can use my MOTIF ES in that same way too. Right?

I was confused about the MOTIF ES because I can use the USB to Host cable to trigger MIDI events, record MIDI tracks and record Logics Software instrument tracks. But Can't record to LOGIC's Audio tracks this way since the MOTIF ES isn't an Audio interface itself like the Montage. This is why I bought the Montage.

And I could only record audio thru a separate Audio interface (SCARLETT FOCUSRITE) using 1/4 inch TS/TRS cables from the MOTF ES to the computer but couldn't figure out how to use the MOTIF ES's Tone engine with MIDI.


I have never used this but I own a M-AUDIO UNO (5 pin In and Out MIDI to USB-A) cable. Yamaha has there own but insisted that I buy theirs for this same exact use.

I would be able to use this cable to connect to the computer and use the MIDI connectors on the back of the MOTIF ES (or the Montage) to record just MIDI tracks into Logic and use the MOTIF ES's Tone engine. Right? This is a question I've been asking for years.



This is all beginning to make perfect sense.

I play Bass, Guitars, Synthesizer/Keyboards with Drums to Audio tracks using external recording sequencers (a Roland VS1824 and the MOTIF ES6) .. The Computer stuff and using DAW's just makes everything easier.

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  • Solution

I just so happened to create a new song (using LOGIC PRO X) and found a Yamaha Montage template in My Templates folder, how it got there I don’t know or remember, must of downloaded something from Yamaha, but it’s the same template that I have in Cubase AI and to my surprise it has all 16 Midi channels and 16 Audio channels set up for automatic use.


Using Logic Pro X, I recorded to 5 Midi channels using a Performance I set up with 5 parts in the Yamaha Montage and “presto” all parts were automatically recorded to separate midi channels at the same time. I also turned around and I set up some buttons on the keyboard and “wallah” recorded the Midi to Audio (tracks) using the Montage’s tone engine like I have been trying to figure out how to do for the last couple weeks.

I can add Software instrument tracks too (one at a time or a few at the same time) and played around with the Loop library adding to more (additional) Midi tracks adding Drummer loops or any other Midi loops to the Midi tracks and they sound out of the keyboard too or by themselves if I set them up that way. I needed to spend the time working with Midi to get used to it.




Now I can arrange and record things with this simple set up. With just a few clicks of some buttons. And not suffer to much or waste time to make the seriously needed track edits.


Connecting and setting up multiple midi controllers using DAWs is a pain in the butt for me.

This Montage is an all in one with the exception of needing to use it with a DAW to really make the If needed and or serious edits to Finalize a projects song or music.


LOGIC PRO X’s last software update was awesome. With all the added features with both Apple and Yamaha’s latest OS updates I’ll be able to simply re-record all my older songs and easily create, rehearse and record all my new ones.


Thanks to everybody here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There is a lot of the information posted here on this “Logic Pro Help” website if your looking for an answer or need to just ask one.


The only thing for people still looking for answers here is to keep grinding and try to find a way to keep things simple, organized, and set up your equipment the right way.

Your music creation will skyrocket to depths you have not yet discovered.



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  • 1 year later...

Not sure if this will buzz anyone, however, I have been a workstation guy for nearly 30 years, from the sq-1 to the xp 80, Es, motif, XS and now a Montage.  I have heard that the Montage has an issue receiving midi commands...  
It is not really a big deal, I am using my Apollo Twin to boost incoming sounds with balanced Pres coming out of the Montage.  I wanted to slave the Montage to Logic and keep things on time and make for a quick tracking process.  However, it appears that won't be the case, unless I have failed someplace in the setup of the communication between the DAW and the Synth.

I hope the message finds everyone well with all that has transpired in the last two years.


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