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MIDI Thru Doubling Keyboard Sound


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New to forum, apologies if I'm making mistakes here.


I've searched the manual, and here, with many different key words to find my issue but no luck so far and may be missing something very simple.

I have outboard rack gear and OASYS keyboard.

I have no problem with the rack gear and LPX.

When using my OASYS for both the midi input and sound device, I get midi thru doubling and phasing of the sound due to the doubling of the notes.

I've been a midi user for years and know what a classic midi thru note doubling is.

Even with the record arming off I get the same problem. I've checked to make sure all input monitoring is off and everything else I could think of.

I do not have the same issue with Presonus ST1/3 pro. Within that setup I create the keyboard device, and the instrument device. I use the same midi input port and channel number but assign the output from the OASYS only, as the input to ST1 and the input to the OASYS as the instrument out of ST1.

Is there some way to do this similarly in LPX?

In the middle of a project and looking for answers. A bit desperate.

Thank you in advance for any help!


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Read old manual from Logic 8 and finally found it.


Just had to turn off the ::LOCAL:: setting on my OASYS to stop the double trigger and phasing.


Simple enough, but thought LPX might have had an internal feature like S1.

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