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SCRIPT: ArtAlign


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I am working on a new Scripter script called ArtAlign. It may yet receive some updates in the future, but it works pretty well right now for anyone that wants to try it out. Find it here:




What does it do? This script solves a problem when using instruments with multiple articulations. Many times these sample instruments have problematic and inconsistent latency on a per-articulation basis. Without going into the details about why, just suffice it to say, its a well known problem for digital orchestrators, and exists for a well known reason.


This script can help to work around the problem by providing the ability to bring negative delay on a per-port/channel basis. It does this by using lookahead in the Script. So overall the Script introduces a large consistent lookahead latency, while automatically adjusting all the of the channels fed through it so that they are aligned according to the known latency as configured for each port/channel.


This works really well when combined with my Channelizer script! --> viewtopic.php?f=45&t=143326


See more info at my gitlab site.

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