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Midi overdubs - please help!


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I have four identical 4-bar regions repeated.






When I try to overdub the recording with more midi (just the F and G notes below), cycle mode on, the regions aren't merging, my existing midi going crazy, and I have missing notes in my midi roll. My midi overdub starts on bar 4.






The midi replace button is off. Midi cycle overlap recordings are both set to merge. What the heck am I doing wrong, I never seemed to have this issue with logic 9 >. Please help!

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BTW, which exact/precise version of Logic Pro are you using?

In 10.5.1 it works flawlessly.


When an overlap recording occurs over different start/end positions and/or seances, Logic will create (on the selected track) new regions on top of existing ones. The latest recorded region being on top of the previous ones, will hide them.

One could verifying same in the Event List Editor by clicking its upward arrow (at its top left corner); doing same will take you out of the current region listed events, and instead will list the currently present regions on the selected track.


The playback result is the same as all the (overlapping) regions will play simultaneously.


If you need to have them all in the same and single region you could select them and hit "J" or in the Event List Editor Edit menu, choose Join regions.

That way the events will be gathered into one single region and altogether editable in the Piano Roll editor.

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