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Klopfgeist problems.


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Hi guys, newbie here from North Wales, UK.

Been using Logic since 2004 on the PC, V5.5 then went over to Mac Pro in 2009.

I bought an iMac last September and i'm running Logic V10.5.1.

For some odd reason, when i arm the metronome it records the clicks to the audio track i'm recording on, this has only started a few days ago.

Previous to that, it wasn't even producing the sound from the metronome.

I'm aware that Klopfgeist is a software instrument and it should be on channel 256 but in the mixer view, i have Audio 1, Preview, click, stereo out and Master, with the "All" tab selected.

I've also noted that the volume is very low on playback, when i click on the automation button, the volume string is very low, about -20db, i then ajust this to nominal and all is fine, there has been no volume automation recorded, so why the volume should drop is a bit of a mistery.

Any help is much appreciated. G.

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Thanks Atlas.

It seems the problem may have been due to a setting in the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface software.

I've been messing with MSB's and LSB's lately, whilst resurecting the outboard midi gear, after several years of software synths, etc.

So not necessarily a bug as such, more of a self-inflicted problem maybe.

Cheers again.

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