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Major issue with unsaved session - need help ASAP


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Hi guys,


It's embarrassing that I even have to post this. I've ran a studio for the past 15 years and am usually extremely good about project management, etc. I had a really good session with a producer, vocalist, and session guitarist yesterday. We were working hard and things were working well. At one point I realized that I hadn't yet saved the project (it was just by default going to the "Untitled" location or whatever). For whatever reason, when I started to save the project (in middle of session), I noticed that the most recent recording I had done were blank (it was like the waveforms disappeared). Since creative juices were flowing and the producer was on task, I didn't want to interrupt so I just kept letting the session roll. I never really thought about saving again until long after this session ended. The project was still up on my computer and I was doing some basic editing and moving things around. Then the dreadful "Logic quit unexpectedly" message popped up and Logic had crashed. I hit the "Reopen" button and Logic opened blank. I went to recently opened and my session wasn't in the list (the project that I had last saved was at the top of the list - totally different artist and project). I immediately start to panic. I looked in the trash and noticed 50 files from the session but wasn't sure what they were from. I dragged those to a new folder I created on my desktop. I also then found the "Untitled" session out in my Logic folder but parts of it seem to be corrupt. There are only 45 files in the "Audio Files" folder and not all of the ones needed are there. In fact, most of them sound like parts we didn't use. There is no "000" folder or whatever and I don't know how to open the files in the "Autosave" folder. I see a ".eventData" file but have no clue how to open it. Bottom line is this: I've spent the past 24 hours digging deep on the internet and trying so hard to save what I possibly can. The files in the trash AND the files that were in the Audio Files folder are not all that were in the session originally. My question is this: These files were recorded to my computer at some point in time yesterday and they have to be somewhere you would think right? Does anyone know any hidden directories or temporary folders that these could possibly be in? I am completely freaking out right now bc this producer will be heartbroken if this session is gone. It took over 2 months to get this vocalist into the studio and the session went so smoothly. My heart sinks even thinking about breaking this news to him. I've always been one to preach backup + backup but here I am in this position. I don't run Time Machine in real time and I have no backups that would have backed this data up. I have no idea what to do. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Unsaved projects go to Untitled.logicx in home>music>Logic or the equivalent alias thereof. Unless this is saved, it is a package (meaning the project and all its media files are in one 'file'), accessible through Show Package Content.


Once you save a Project it gets a new name, location and folder- or package-structure. As you describe it, it contains the state at the single one save you did. Find that version and duplicate it in the Finder before doing anything else. All audio files should be there as well, unless you have specified a different audio path in Project Settings>Recording>Recording Path.


Recovering from a crash via autosave can be tricky, because it only works once after the crash. You get asked once upon opening the crashed project "Open the last saved or the crashed version?" and if you click 'saved', the autosave will be gone for good. That's why I suggest duplicating the unopened project first, you'll get another try then.


At this stage, I wouldn't bother about the actual project file. Find the location of your first saved project file, (although it should not show blank audio files ever), there will be an audio files folder which should contain *all* audio files from the time of the save (because you saved) and *all* following audio files (because saving by default sets the record path to that location). There is no hidden location for stray audio files.


Pull all these files into a new project, select-all and ctrl-click>move>move to record position to align them in one go.

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I was able to find the audio files but for some reason it definitely does not include all of them. I've gone through all of them and they're not all there. That's why I'm wondering if something got screwed up at some point and they were going to some other location. I wish Spotlight had a better search functionality...
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