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Sync conducting with MIDI


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I needed a way to synchronize a MIDI track to a movie of myself conducting. Not quickly finding a tutorial on the subject, I worked out one approach and documented it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n2g0dGYV8IuxyZrGg4ARLkoAIin4vIXRN1fOmPwNhh8/edit?usp=sharing. The document ends with some questions, and I would welcome your comments and recommendations on any part of the process.


With gratitude,



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Overall it's the right approach

- record yourself playing MIDI notes on every visual downbeat, however the ASCII keyboard may be quite inaccurate for this

- align that and the movie to an actual downbeat

- either BeatMap manually to that template track or use BeatMapping>Beats from Region for a 1-2 click operation

- import the actual music as MIDI

- create one Software Instrument Track (SIT) with a piano, then duplicate this multiple times, then drag the MIDI Regions to the copied tracks (much quicker than reassigning existing tracks)

- to double, create another SIT and option-drag the Regions over

- to export a) video of you conducting, b) one scrolling line of score with the moving Playhead, and c) the associated audio all at once, you may want to use a multimedia tool like OBS and audio re-routing tools like Blackhole to capture all that in one go.


I've used a similar approach here:


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