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Logic 10.5.1 freezing on start up every time


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I've been working on projects in Logic the past year without any problems. Since I upgraded to the latest 10.5.1 none of my projects will open. The program freezes when loading each and every time and always when loading a channel plug in. It's usually the Channel EQ plug in it freezes on but not all the time. But what does happen each and every time is I have to force quit. Again it gets to the loading box and that's as far as I get without force quitting and trying again. I also tried duplicating the files and saving as...no luck.


This is frustrating me no end as I have a lot of time and effort gone into these projects and I can't finish them off. I did a reinstall twice so far and no luck.


Any help appreciated.


MacBook Pro Mid-2015

OSX 10.15.5

2.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7

16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

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Have you tried updating to MacOSX 10.15.6?

Have you made sure all your drivers are up to date?

Have you made sure that all your plugins, apps, softwares, etc are compatible with Catalina (since non-64bit apps won't run...)?

Did you grant permission to all your involved apps and/or hardware (Catalina is more strict in that regard)?

Have you trued rebooting Logic in safe mode?

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