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Articulation Sets on AUX Channels

Leandro Gardini

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To add to the discussion about any kind of channelized approach, which is often the case with PLAY libraries... Here is something to keep in mind with both LogicPro and Cubase. Neither one of them propagates: CC, PitchBend or AfterTouch messages from the source midi channel to all of the destination midi channels where the PLAY is listening with different articulations on different channels.


My Script, Channelizer, does that! In fact that is the main reason the script even came to be. Here is a video showing how CC7 is propagated to all 5 midi channels as the notes are sustaining there. It follows the music




It also happens to work across ports. Including if you have more than 16 articulations in one instrument, it will rollover and re-channelize onto the next port(s) as well.


So yes its true the Cubase channelizing seems to work properly from ExpressionMaps through VST3 (which means you can use multi ports), and unfortunately LogicPro appears to have an AU3 related bug for now that won't re-channelize from the articulation set without a script. However, Cubase does not propagate CC, PitchBend and AfterTouch messages. And it cannot handle more than 16 re-channelized articulations in one source instrument track. Those two things, however, work with my Channelizer script in LogicPro.


Unfortunately, Cubase does not provide Scripting, so I don't have a great solution for improved channelizing behavior on Cubase for now.


In my view, the best solution for now for re-channelized articulation handling...is with LogicPro combined with Scripter for the channelizing.

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Hello All,


The Topic is SOLVED!

I provided a little instructional bundle to Leandro today and he reported that his requirements are solved (it was a matter of a small detail in the VEP Instance Combo setup).

Leandro (the topic OP) is trying to build an universal VEP Multi Instance project where he tries to combine the AG beast called VEP Multi Instance with third party Instrument engines using the AU3 tech.


I'd like to outline some info about VEP Combo Instance building and to reply to some AG product "guessing" posted here.


Someone posted here, that the problem is related to an AG bug, Environment tools, Logic Scripter etc


AG VEP Multi Instance (VEPM) Technical Info


VEPM is a Kontakt KSP multi script which allows you to access all Kontakt A.B.C.D ports via a single track in your DAW which gives you tons of resources, saving CPU etc. The product is compatible with any DAW, so no Logic Scripter or Environment tools are used. All is done by the Kontakt KSP plugin.

No bugs are guaranteed!


Logic AU3 Compatibility


VEPM v2 comes with giant VEP Instance templates which are supper time saving - you just drug & drop them from the Finder to the VEP Instance slot.

For example, you can load up to 128 Kontakts (8192 MIDI Channels) for a second. The VEPM KSP plugin is loaded for each Kontakt instance.


AU3 allows you to add additional third party Instruments (not Kontakt) into the same VEP Instance and combine them with the VEPM Kontakts.

(This is the OP idea here).

Note: the MIDI Channlel switching instruments such as EW Play can be combined with AG VEP Multi Instance (Kontakts).


Logic AU2 Compatibility (Old)


VEPM v1.0 was developed in 2017. The main concept was to ignore the 16 MIDI Channel switching limitation and allow you to load up to

16 Kontakt Instruments per VEP Instance (1024 MIDI Channels powered by all Kontakt ABCD ports).


Smart Controllers (CC) Multiplication/Cloning


This "Smart" tech was introduced by AG for a very 1st time in 2017. For example, you record/draw a single CC# automation via Ch.1 and the CC# stream is multiplicatived only to the current sustaining Note events MIDI Channels (not to all 16 MIDI Channels). The VEPM "Smart CC Cloning" saves a lot of MIDI bandwidth and CPU and works with all DAWs.


VEPM Combo


This is the OP question here. I confirm that VEPM can be combined with non Kontakt sample players or other engines in a single VEP Instance and work perfectly with AU3 articulation sets switching (no Logic Scripters needed).


VEP Audio FX Tips


I posted a non voice VEP Audio FX routing Tips in the AG Youtube channel some time ago.



I'll do my best to post a complete Video tutor soon.



Finally I wish to say "Good Luck" to Leandro. I'm sure he will achieve his dream to make the best VEP Combo Multi Instance.


BTW. The topic is SOLVED, so I'll be highly appreciated if you stay away of off topic guessing, alternatives etc.

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I would like to report that I have learned a lot from this conversation.

I used to use Logic channels connected to a single VEP which is the simplest and hassle-free manner. However, loading tons of VEPs VEPRO has proven to be very inefficient to the CPU in my system. That is why I decided to merge the many VEPs into few big ones and there where all problems begin.


Ivan helped me to figure out the final touches, and I must say it is working now.


Unlike most other DAWs, Logic has not been designed to work with midi ports and that is why topics like this occur. I am only intrigued by the lack of information on the internet which makes me believe very few people have been engaged in assembling such interaction between Logic and VEPRO (which BTW is far from being fancy).


Thank you Jay, Steve, and Ivan. Guys like you help mere composers like me to set up this complicated midi world.


Steve, I must add that I have NEVER been aggressive towards you. All posts are here unaltered, and if you care about facts just go back and re-read them.

If you don't care to re-read I don't care what you think I did. I just would like to clarify that I have only appreciation for your help here.

BTW, I don't speak Spanish!

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