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Logic performance issues


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So, in last few weeks I have been facing HUGE performance issues with Logic. I have 2016 Macbook Pro with 2,7Ghz i7 and 16gb RAM but Im still struggling with projects that have around 20 tracks. And before I used to have projects with 100+ tracks running without a problem. Im getting basic System Overload alert.


I have noticed that this issue starts about 10 minutes after I open my computer in the morning. And right after that my fans start to run around 6000rpm and in activity monitor kernel_task is taking something between 300%-900% processing power. Fans will only calm down when I turn the computer off.


I tried to reset SMC but it didnt help. I did the hardware analyze but there was no issues. I also updated to Mojave and newest Logic version. Still nothing.

I have around 60gb free space on my hard drive and it doesn't matter if I move my project file to external drive.

And its not related to any 3rd party plugin because I got it when I tested with project that had only native plugins.


Do you guys have any idea whats happening here? I will make a clear OS install but Im in the middle of few deadlines so its not something I'd like to do right away.

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Well, the obvious question is - what's changed in the last few weeks? In the past, there have been times when a project I was working on was just barely on the threshold of what my Mac could handle, and then I add the one thing that sends it over the edge...


Also, you might get some insight into what's actually taking the time if you switch to "View -> All Processes, Hierarchically", as "kernel_task" isn't exactly an actual program. It might very well be something external to Logic that's sucking down the resources, like Spotlight indexing.

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