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Do plugins in the main stereo bus in Logic affect midi to audio?


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Hi there - basic buss question. Do main plugins in the main stereo bus in Logic affect midi to audio bounces (bouncing regions in place)?


I'm using Sonarworks for reference on the main output and want to make sure I'm not inadvertantly bouncing the SW plugin fx on my internal audio bounces.


From the testing I've done it doesn't seem to affect the bounces either with or without fx bypassed.



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It doesn't matter where the audio is coming from (MIDI or audio regions, a track, a live hardware input, a live software input, etc...). The only thing that matters is what audio signal you're bouncing.


So if you're bouncing your project (or a section of your project) clicking the B button on the Stereo Out, then you're bouncing the audio signal at the output of that channel strip, and it will include any audio FX plug-ins inserted on that channel strip.


On the other hand when you bounce a region in place you're bouncing the audio signal either before the plug-ins in the Audio FX section of the track's channel strip, or after, but always before the audio signal is even routed to the Stereo Out. In that case, the plug-ins on the Stereo Out do not affect the bounced audio.

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