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Haywire Volume Automation


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I'm currently baffled by a project with haywire automation. I have a few tracks with simple volume automation, but when I play the project the volume goes up and down where there is no automation information. For one of the tracks it either starts at -infinity or does the correct behavior. Not all of the tracks have issues, but I can't figure out what is happening, why it's happening, or how the heck to solve this. Tried searching for answers but couldn't find a solution.
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All track based automation, checked and there isn't any region automation. They're WAVs I've imported so it shouldn't be MIDI stuff, though that side of Logic is a mystery to me (I edit radio and podcast features).


Uploading two zipped project files with two problem tracks. (Had to split into two projects to be under the 40 MB limit). First one keeps wanting to go to -16.5 dB, second one wants to be at -infinity. Any insights are greatly appreciated!

Logic Issue 1.zip

Logic Issue 2.zip

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Only checked if everything looked "default" in there. :) Not sure though how the OP got this double... Tried this with a new empty project:

1 Create two audio tracks

2 Add some volume automation on track 2

3 In environment mixer layer, reassign track 2 to "Audio 1", close environment window

4 Delete track 2

Start playback, now there's "ghost" automation controlling track 1...

Is this expected behavior ?

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