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Pattern Project Random Volume Drop / Input Signal Loss


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I'm having an issue with a pattern project track in logic via the drum machine designer. The volume suddenly dropped when I cut and dragged a section of the loop. Didn't touch anything else, all I did was make a cut a move the track and now there is no input signal. There is however a small amount of volume coming through the output at -40db. I attempted to remake the track to avoid whatever this problem is and inevitably ran into this problem again.


here's no automation on the track, the volume knobs have not changed either or any plug in setting. Should also mention I was able to bring the volume back by undoing the cutting and dragging but then it dropped again when I cut the track and attempted to drag it. There is no obvious reason for this to be happening that I can think of. Never had this problem before. Everything was fine and then this madness ensued lol. Guess that's to be expected. Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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