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ICON Platform Nano vs Presonus Fader Port V2 vs Behringer X-TOUCH ONE on Logic Pro X

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Hi all,


I've been looking at these three one-fader controllers as a possible investment.

As far as from I could gather from the products info and various videos, my decision is leaning towards the Platform Nano, but I could not find good reviews about it based on Logic Pro x.


It would be great to hear from your experiences on either of this products, and if you have a comparison experience, that would be awesome.


Thanks a lot people for your help.


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Thanks for the reply Ploki. I really like the nob, I thinks is awesome, and it's been on my wishlist a long time, though it's expensive. Currently i'm using a Logitech MX3 mouse with its wheel running free and it feels in my mind like turning a knob from the right side, if that makes sense and i'm also using AudioSwift (I think is awesome) to mimic the fader experience on the track pad, but I still miss the contact with a actual fader.

I'd like to hear a bit more about your workflow with the nob, as I'm interested in it as well.



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I had the original Emagic Control, and a few other controllers in between


i still prefer midi controllers with fixed assignments for live use.

but in studio, where you have a thousand plugin windows and where every update changes SOMETHING and where tracks can be in many shapes or form, i prefer the nOb.


It's much better for drawing automation than mouse because it's the original intuitive tactile control.

You also don't need to learn parameters. You point, and you turn. I don't even use all the extra functions really - they're great, but to me the best thing is you don't need to do anything for it to work. It simply works


and the nob itself is big and chunky and has a great feel - unlike 99% of plasticky rubber midi controllers i used. Seems vain and trivial, but it makes for a better experience.


I tried audioswift as well, its nice conceptually but i don't like the fact that it takes over your trackpad - i like using it for other things.


This is the first controller (for studio, - for live i have others) that i actually use and intend to keep.


I have an Elgato Stream Deck for those couple of odd knobs that i need.


It depends on your workflow obviously, but every controller i tried had either terrible integration / autoassignment, or it was cumbersome to use.

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Well to be honest I haven't bought any of these controllers.


What really happened is that in the meantime deciding for one, I've learned about the Avid (Euphonix) EuCon protocol and the Android/iPhone app Avid Control which I've found it to be incredibly powerful in Logic. So now I'm saving for an Avid S1, and in the future I'm planing to have two S1s and a ProTools Dock (despite the name it work with Logic thanks to the EuCon protocol).


So while a save money for those (they are not cheap BTW) I'll keep using a awesome application called AudioSwift with my trackpad.

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