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Constant Beachballing


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Whenever I open any project, the entire Logic UI is so laggy that I can't get anything done. Whether it's selecting plugins, recording or closing and opening projects, everything takes at least 10 seconds to open.


My system info: Logic 10.5.1 on macOS 10.14.6


I tried reinstalling it and deleting all my plugins, to no avail. Appreciate your input.

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Ok the 1TB was the info I wanted, just like it's displayed in that "About This Mac" window. We must have posted those two last posts at the same time so I didn't have that info when I posted.


You need much more free space than that for your Mac to have a normal performance. Typically it's recommended to leave 20 to 25% free space on your hard drive, especially the system drive, which MacOS uses constantly to page RAM in and out and other tasks (without your knowledge).

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