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Upgraded tp logic x.5.1 and logic wants to rescan my plugins every time on start up.{SOLVED)


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just upgraded to x.5.1 and had to upgrade to the new os Catalina from high Sierra- which worked great with no issues. Everything seems to work fine but on every launch of logic it wants to rescan all my plugins. I have a couple hundred and even it will stop half way with an error message and then just open logic x. when I had the previous version with high Sierra it never used to do this. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Edited by ncyancy
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Catalina work only with 64bits apps (and plugins). 32bits ones won't.

Chances are that you still ave some (if not many) in 32bits.

Try updating your 32bits plugins to their latest 64bits version.

It might also be required to grant them permission in yo0ur system, as Catalina is also more strict in that regard.

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Thanks Atlas007 for all the advice- it worked!! So I found all the 32 bit plugins and deleted them, or upgraded the ones I wanted to keep, to 64bit. still didn't work, tried deleting plist etc. restarted the computer etc. in the end I had noticed, if I hit the abort button in the very beginning of the scan and looked what was not validated - the only things were my waves plugins that were v9. I actually had upgraded to v11, but for some reason there were still files of v9 which were the only ones that were not validated- so I thought lets just delete all the waves files and folders, because I can always download them again if I need too. - and so this worked. Even before I downloaded the waves plugins it scanned quickly and went straight to the project. when I downloaded waves plugins, they were the new v11 plugins and were fully functional. Thanks again for the tip, finally some advice that worked!
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