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Problem with XML import with new version of Logic


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Hey. Can anyone help me with an issue with Final Cut Pro xml import?

I have newest version of Final Cut Pro 10.4.9 and Newest Logic Pro 10.5.1


Logic can't read my xml files. It will import only few audio lines and most of the audio jus vanished. They never show up on Logic.

I can see audio in Final Cut Pro. I tested xml will show upon correctly also in Davinci Resolve.


Why xml files doesn't play correctly in Logic?


Sometimes I have problem also when I import my reference video. Logic will move that forward on timeline. So it's badly out of sync. Sometimes it also works. Any idea why that happens?


Hopefully someone can help me. I am new with Logic and I keep learning it.

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Frame rates are the same. I am not sure about SMPTE start times. It worked before Final Cut Pro last update. I didn't have issues before with xml. I bought Logic recently this summer so I have used latest version all the time.
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My Logic Pro project has Bar position 1 1 1 1 and plays at SMPTE 01:00:00:00:00. Is it possible that on XML has different SMPTE? Maybe I did something wrong then on FCPX. Sometimes Logic gives me now this warning text after that everything is badly messed up. "One or more retimed clips were imported without retiming being applied. The clips have been muted."
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