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Automation not working on part of a vocal track

todd bradt

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Hello. I'm having a weird automation error with my lead vocal track. For the first verse of the song the volume will not decrease as I lower the yellow automation bar; it just stays fixed at a level that is too loud for the song. I thought I had a work around for the glitch, as I decided to automate the volume on a Lead Vocal Bus (where only the lead was being routed). That seemed to work for a while, as I was able to lower the volume bar with a corresponding decrease in volume; now, however, even moving that bar does nothing, so now my vocals are sitting too loud with no way to lower them. I tried copying and pasting the verse to a new audio track, and even though the new track appears with no automation, upon trying to lower the fader in the mixer it pulls itself back up to zero. In the main window, while I do this, even though there is no yellow automation bar on the track, in the background there is a faint automation line that won't budge. This seems like a glitch, but I'm open to user error and any possible help. Thanks.
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