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Logic/East West issue


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Wondering if there might be any Logic East/West library users that can lend a hand.


Opened a Logic song today which had been closed for a few days while working on another song.


When having returned to the original song all assignments are now wrong.


The piano now plays a violin patch, the violin plays a percussion patch.

All midi instruments now play a wrong East/West patch.


The audio track, live bass part, is fine.

The internal Logic drum track is fine.


But every East West midi track is; screwed up.


Restarted Logic and restarted the computer as well as the Apollo 8 converter.

None of this restores the original patches.


Any thoughts on what's going on and how to correct?

Many thanks for help you can throw this way.


Phil K.





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The problem has been resolved. I believe by simply opening the "Play" program for each instrument it reset everything, although not sure that was what resolved things.


If anyone has had this problem and might have a thought as to what caused it and how to prevent it would welcome your knowledge.


Thanks much,


Phil K.

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