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Bounce goes past Cycle Range?


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On two separate sessions now, with a couple months in between, my Bounce function behaves weirdly and goes past the end of the Cycle Range that I had set. It would go about 1 min over. I have tried many different things that didn't work, and now the only solution for delivery to dub stage is to take all the Bounces (approx 12 stems) and reimport them to a new session and manually cut the dead space off the end and re-export.


Had anyone experienced this and found a solution?




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Yeah, I’ll take a gander at that, but I can’t imagine the audio tail is over one minute long.

I've seen it be much longer so it wouldn't be surprising at all.


I have 5 other sessions with the same template for these cues and the don’t behave like this.

That doesn't mean much honestly, a single plug-in could very well be behaving ever so slightly differently, which would justify an audio tail behaving differently in that specific project file.

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