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Get Noise After a Certain Volume Level - How To Get Rid Of Noise Distortion/Hiss/Pop Etc

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Hi, my song, both in the project and listening to it iTunes...starts to sound very distorted WHEN I TURN THE VOLUME UP BEYOND a Certain Point


Is there an audio unit that helps with this.

I isolated and soloed certain tracks , to see if there was 1 major offender..but there wasn't just 1..still noisy with


If it's intermittent noise from a cable or hardware synth...is there a good method product? or is it "good luck with that" :-)

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What volume are you turning up? From a plugin?



hey thanks! - master volume in Mac.


are there any tools to solve it?


mind you, when i turn up logic master volume higher...and then mac volume a bit lower..it's not as bad, but i still can't get a high enough gain

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