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Drum designer - shifting samples


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I was using Battery 4, but as LPX has Drum Designer , I would like to try work with this. But I can’t find one, most important for me, feature. How to “jump” to next sample ? E.g in Battery i put sample from my folder on “button”, and there is possibility to jump to next and next samples from this folder (live). In drum designer I can do the same with custom samples (when I click on the library tab on the left I see list of samples from this folder). Is there any possibility to do the same with “my” samples ?

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Thank you for answer. I mean Drum Machine Designer. For searching samples I’m using list of the right side of logic (F key shows it). I’m not at Logic now to check what you wrote, but i think this way won’t replace the sample until I pull it to the button. Im not sure if I describe it properly. In sum - I would like switch samples on the fly. In battery this little triangle allows me jump to next sample on highlighted button from actual folder with my samples.


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Yes it does not work like that in Logic unless you use kit pieces of Logic from the library on the left.

You have to convert all your samples to Kit Piece :) Maybe someone will come up with a batch converter:)

One workaround is convert the Q sampler to Sampler Instrument and use the Load Audio File option on a cell and then you can audition different samples in context without loading.

I do not know why that feature is not working with Q sampler as it makes more sense.

Because of these limitations and also 48 PAD limit I still use Battery most of the time.

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