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Logic and JamKazam


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I'm trying to get logic to feed audio into JamKazam. LoopBack crashes JamKazam. I can't seem to get SoundFlower to install. (Maybe because I'm still on HS)


Zoom has an audio device it uses to pipe Logic into Zoom. (While creating a bad delay)... I can't find any info on this... Any helps is appreciated.


Dan Rad

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SoundFlower should install on High Sierra.

IIRW, I was using same even before updating to High Sierra.

And it still works on Catalina...



Actually, after checking, it had been working in an aggregate while using Skype. But I realize that since I updated Skype, it is no longer working... :(

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  • 2 years later...

Bringing up this old thread again.

Did anyone try it with Loopback (Rogue Amoeba) - I've had great experiences with Loopback for other stuff.

But my real question is: in the year 2023, does live jamming over the internet finally really work or is the latency still too bad (like I think it probably still is and will be until we all have fiber...)?

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