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FlexTime (all modes) seriously mess my take folder


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Vocal takes packed into folder recorded in this project, it has a few time signature changes in it but not in this region. No FlexTime and it's fine (image on the left), turn it on and it's like it's got a completely different tempo and also showing flex markers beyond the visible audio (right image).


Also note the first take in the FlexTimed take folder on the right, is _not_ being time compressed like the preceding takes..




Re-analysing doesn't fix it. No drop-downs available for me to apply new tempo to region... what else can I do (apart from use Melodyne)?

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Like I said in my OP David, it was not recorded in another project, nor with different tempos. There are no tempo changes in the track, only Time Sig changes, and this region does not hit any of those.


Using the Write Project Tempo to Audio file just messes it up even more. See the last word is being stretched out rather unnecessarily, weirdly and inconsistently.



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Ok, I'm beginning to think FlexTime has big problems when time signature changes are present (I've not seen this documented or acknowledged by anyone else, only the tempo change issue).




This section (again, left - FT off, right - FT on) does cross a time signature change, you can see the markers in the bottom 2 takes on the right (though they don't line up with the bar start). And rather than time compressing as it did to the take folder from the first post in this thread, it's time stretched both before _and_ after the time sig change.


This kind of failing is pushing me towards permanently using Melodyne instead of even having FlexTime as an option in my toolset. Grr

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