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Sustain Pedal Help Please!


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I am desperate for help.

I purchased Logic Pro X along with a Komplete Kontrol Keyboard. I have gone through all the hoops that the following apps (Native Instruments, Logic Pro. X, Komplete Kontrol, Control Editor) explain regarding configuring a sustain pedal to the keyboard, and have found no solutions. Does anyone have experience with this problem? Could it be my keyboard? Is there a step I am missing?

I am wondering if this is a common problem with this system..I have also searched all through Youtube and have watched countless videos on how to configure the sustain pedal into Logic Pro X..only nothing seems to work.


Thank you so much

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I have a Konplete Kontrol keyboard, and I plugged in my old cheap sustain pedal and it just works. There was no configuration needed at all.


If it's not working for you, my guess is you have a pedal that isn't compatible, so you might need to buy one that is, perhaps?

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