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CC 64 has no effect


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Hello, newbie here. I have plugged a Yamaha sustain pedal into my Axiom 25. I know it is working because I can see the CC64 messages in the Event List when I record. But these messages are not actually causing the notes to sustain - the sound is the same whether I use the pedal or not. I have tried both Logic's Electric Piano and pianos in Kontakt. Any suggestions please?
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David, thanks for your reply. I didn't save the project yesterday when I was having the problem. So today I created a new project to show you, played a few notes with the Electric Piano exactly as I did yesterday, and ... the CC64 messages are now working fine!!


I keep finding this with Logic: sometimes I can get it to work and sometimes I can't, and I can never work out what makes the difference. Thanks for nudging me into trying again anyway.

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The only way to know the difference is to troubleshoot what's happening when things are not working as expected. Unfortunately until you can reproduce the issue to show us, it's impossible to tell what the difference is. Good to hear this is resolved for now, but next time it's not working as expected, save a copy of the project and attach it to a post here.
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