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Save custom settings for track stacks

Punk D
Go to solution Solved by David Nahmani,

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You can save patches for summing track stacks: select the main track of the stack, and click Save at the bottom right in the Library.


Hi David,


I hope you're well.

I'm coming back to this topic briefly (after a long time.. I know! :)


I haven't been able to save a track stack setting as you described. I was able to save it with my custom sends and plugins but at the same time Logic saves whatever tracks are in the track stack.. So in other words, if I save a track stack that has two tracks in it -> the next time I create a track stack with 10 tracks in it and load the saved patch, it deletes the 8 tracks and leaves me with only two tracks. Also, it renames the tracks to whatever names I had in the saved patch. So I'm a bit lost here..


Also, it's unclear to me where I should save the patch? Under channel strips or Patches?


Thanks again David!



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I think I figured it out.

It needs to have either audio tracks or software instrument tracks, but not both.

What I mean is that now it loads correctly when I load a patch that has 2 audio tracks in it, because that was the state I saved it in. But If I create a track stack that has an audio track and an instrument track, then it won't load any of the plugins or sends...

Regardless, I should probably delete my preferences at some point..

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