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How to Restore Alchemy Ratings and Tags that are Unreadable

Tristan Clarke

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I recently was using Alchemy in Logic Pro 10.5.1 on my MacBook Pro (mid 2014 15-inch) and randomly this message popped up and all my Alchemy ratings and tags were gone and the browser window became blank.



The preset database appears to be unreadable. Would you like to delete it and rescan your presets? This will remove any custom ratings and tags”


I have seen some solutions on how to restore Alchemy’s browser window but those all involve deleting the ratings and tags….it took me days to make the ratings so I would really rather not have to go through it all again.


Is there any way that I can make this database readable? I have found the file Alchemy_Preset_Ratings_And_Tags.db and I have copied it onto an external in case messing around on my computer with it causes some other issues but even when I try to put that file back in the Alchemy folder (User>Music>Audio Music Apps>Plug-in Settings>Alchemy) when I reboot Logic the same message comes up saying the database is unreadable and then it will create a brand new copy of the same file so all my ratings will be blank.


If I am screwed, that’s one thing. But how in the name of god can I prevent this from happening again? It seemed completely random.


Thanks in advance

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Probably that's that very "Alchemy_Preset_Ratings_And_Tags.db" file that got somehow corrupted.

If that is the case, I would believe that you would have to rebuild your ratings and tags from within Alchemy, and while it's functional, save a backup of that file before it gets corrupted.

BTW, had you moved the library to an external drive?

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