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Relative volume automation question


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Hi ColbyKeyz and David. On this question of Absolute and relative volume automation, 1. Is it possible in logic to convert a region's absolute volume to the same data as relative volume, and 2. Would it work to have all channel faders as relative volume, so I could test and perform/record a relative mix "over the top" of all the regions' absolute volumes??? (I realise this thread is a year old but these questions still have a lot of "legs") PJT
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1. No, Absolute and Relative volume do not share the same scale system (the former increases from —∞ to +6 dB while the latter allows offsets of —24 to +24 dB around a central zero-axis) and thus cannot be converted.


2. Yes, that's what Relative volume is: an additional layer of volume automation that creates a new offset value on top of the pre-existing absolute automation values.

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