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Please Help! Forgetting an Audio Interface


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A few months ago I was working on a project via Zoom, and now my projects ALWAYS auto-connect to "Zoom Audio Device" as the default input and output device. Is there a way for the program to remove or forget an audio device? It is frustrating to have to go into my audio settings and disconnect it every time I plug/unplug headphones, switch to monitors, etc.


I tried re-setting to my default settings but it doesn't change anything. Any help would be appreciated!

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Then you need to trash Logic's preferences.

First quit Logic and then follow these steps:


In Finder, top menu click on Go, then hold down the Option key on your keyboard and the Library icon will appear.

Click on it. It will take you to the hidden User Library.

Find the Preferences folder.

Inside this folder look for this file: com.apple.logic10.plist

Right-click the file and choose Move to Trash


Launch Logic. It has been reset. Then choose the things you need.

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