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Tips on Mixing/Mastering?


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In addition to "a certain book by a guy who's fairly well-known around these parts" :) there are endless Internet resources which talk about the subject of turning your random collection of sounds into a mix.


I'd start by soloing each track, looking at the set of plug-ins and filters that you've decided to apply to each one, and decide if you want to add any more, and looking at things like EQ to see where each one falls in the frequency spectrum. Make a first-stab at choosing relative volume levels and try to get really familiar with each sound "on its own" so you can pick them out. "This aspect of the sound doesn't sound quite right ... but, which sound is it?"


If you used "only Library presets," look very carefully at the Mixer to see exactly how each preset was "implemented." You might be surprised to see exactly how "the sound you hear" was made. The Library is designed to make Logic sound very good and it also serves as a ready-made "bag of tricks" which you can borrow for use elsewhere. But it can also lead to a mixer pattern that's overly complicated and hard to manage when you start putting a whole bunch of these tracks together in one project.


Edit: Having assembled a project using presets, you can "re-wire it" in the Mixer. You might also consider soloing each track and experimenting with the set of filters that Logic used, to see if any of them can simply be turned-off without (to your ears ...) affecting the sound. None of this will affect the Library.

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I'd throw all faders up and listen. What is the most important thing in this song ? Is it the vocal melody (quite possibly) ? Is it the lyrics ? Is it the bass line ? Whatever it is, this will be my hero. Everything else is just decoration. If it's the hero, make it loud. I hate balanced mixes where everything is of equal loudness. It's like a film scene where everything is in focus.


Also, what is the least important thing in this song. Do I really need it ? What if it wasn't there ? Does it sound better then ?

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