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Do 'Apple' listen?


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This is not an official forum.


Yes, various parts of Apple monitor places like these.


https://www.apple.com/feedback/logic-pro.html (or you can directly submit bug reports with their bugtracker).


They will not tell you what they do or don't plan, so it's a waste of time asking if you expect someone to tell you whether you'll get the feature you want. Their plans are their own.

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Is this an 'official' forum?

No, this is my personal forum, I am the owner. I do not work for Apple, although I do work in conjunction with Apple. For example I write the "Apple Pro Training Series" Logic Pro X book for Peachpit Press in close relationship and partnership with the Logic team at Apple. I have also in the past conducted many training sessions for Apple in various settings.


Do Apple pay any attention?

Yes they do. Members of Apple's Logic Pro team regularly scour this forum and read the various threads. That is not an obligation for them, they do it because they enjoy hearing what the community has to say about the software they produce.


Where would one log 'feature requests' where Apple can see them?

The official form is https://www.apple.com/feedback/logic-pro.html


It's been years we're asking for a 'Jazz' drummer...

Just because you ask, and even if they listen, doesn't mean they're going to do what you're asking. There could be multiple reasons for that. It could be that the users who would use a jazz drummer represent too small a fraction of their user base to make it worth their time and effort. It could be that they would rather focus on other areas of the software instead. It could be that they have already committed a great deal of time and effort already trying to make a jazz drummer happen and weren't satisfied with the result to deem it worthy of their own standards. No one knows, and their choice is to never communicate their reasoning for implementing or not implementing a new feature.


What is their plan? Is it coming? Is there any hope? Is there no hope?

Nobody knows their plan other than themselves, Apple is a very secretive company. The best way to guess at the future is to look at the past and the present and draw conclusion as to what seems to be the road Apple is on. Is there hope? Hope for what? For a jazz drummer, or for any other specific feature the community has been requesting? I have no idea. For Logic to continue improving and being an amazing music production tool? Yes, definitely.


With Apple's policy being what it is I have learned to enjoy what I have in the present rather than "hope" for something that doesn't exist and may never exist. If you're happy with the software you have, continue producing music with it. If you want to suggest improvements, go ahead and do so. They will listen. But if you expect an answer, a promise, or a specific result in the future, you are only setting yourself up to disappointment.

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I think they would not add just "one lone" "jazz drummer", but if they would add jazz, they would add three or four styles. I can imagine those to be "bebop", "dixieland", "swing" and "experimental", something like that. But, IF they do it indeed depends on whether they feel there is sufficient demand for it.


I would love it, and I assume not "just" jazz aficionados would deploy those new drummers.

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I actually have worked inside "One Infinite Loop," and I can tell you that when you submit feedback or a bug report on the website it shows up in their internal RADAR system, and it will be regularly reviewed. But, do not expect to receive any response. That is pragmatically impossible for them to do, since so many new items pour into the system every day.


When you make a problem report, please be sure to be as detailed as possible, because some staffer is going to try to re-create the problem. But they're not going to ask you for more information.


They pretty much use RADAR for everything. I've even seen posters in the hallway which said: "Put It On The RADAR."

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