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10.5: new overviews created with each re-opening of all projects


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Just wanted to air this out and see if anyone else is experiencing the same:


Since installing 10.5, I've found that anytime I open a project, Logic always creates new overviews for all of the audio in the project:


- Pre-10.5, overviews were only created once (ie immediately after importing/recording/bip'ing audio).


- Since 10.5, when I open any project, all audio regions are blank, and Logic immediately creates an overview (ie waveform image) for each of them.


Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks!

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Hi David,


Many thanks for response - to answer your points:


No - HD situation has not changed since installing 10.5.


All content is stored on the internal mac SSD, except:


- I store the apple sound library content on an external SSD (I set up this up the proper way, using Logic Pro X > Sound Library > Relocate Sound Library).

- I used symbolic links to relocate 'Audio Music Apps' and 'Apple Loops' to that same ext. SSD.

- I also store a couple of sound libraries on that same ext. SSD (EastWest Symphonic Orchestra, and my personal sample library, which I copy samples out of occasionally).


Any active projects are always stored and run from the internal SSD. If I want to run a project that I've stored externally, I always copy it onto the mac first. (I learned that lesson the hard way a while ago!)


Whenever I open a project, Logic created overviews for ALL audio - not just audio related to the locations mentioned above.


I.e.: audio native to the project file (stored exclusively within the project file and nowhere else, with the project file stored on the mac) also gets a new overview with every reopening of the project.


I'm about to install a new internal SSD in a few days, and relocate all of the external SSD stuff to the new internal SSD - I'll post an update here after I've seen what effect that has.


Many thanks!

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Just following up on this thread, now that I've moved all assets onto my new internal SSD.


Now, all data is on the internal SSD (no other drive is connected). However, Logic still creates new overviews for all audio each time I reopen the project.


The SSD is formatted with a GUID partition map, as required for a Mac internal drive.


Any ideas why this might be happening?


(Attaching images from Disk Utility below, showing all of the specs of the new drive and the container which holds the 2 volumes 'Mac HD' and 'Mac HD - Data')





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