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Drum Machine Designer not matching book


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I’m on page 190 of lesson 4 and pretty much had to stop right here because when I open the DMD it looks totally different than what is shown on the book. There is no Mix or Effects section as shown on the book. Also the knobs are completely wrong... For example, step 2 on page 192 instructs you to turn up the perc & shakers knob, but there is no mixer, and that knob is not there on my screen, in fact none of the knobs shown in that step are there. I’m just at a loss and I seriously cannot complete this lesson now and really learn it properly. Things like these keep happening and I’m beginning to question if this book is already outdated with the recent updates to logic. Extremely disappointed, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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My guess is you're looking at an exercise in my Logic 10.4 book but you're using Logic 10.5? If that's the case then yes, the DMD interface was changed in 10.5. In Logic 10.4 DMD was triggering a single Ultrabeat plug-in in the background, while now in 10.5 DMD is triggering multiple Quick Sampler or Drum Synth plug-in, one for each individual drum kit piece, which explains the different interface. I had to (nearly completely) rewrite a new book for Logic Pro X 10.5.
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