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Graphics question for old 2011 macbook pro


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Hi, am considering buying an old macbook pro 15 inch 2011 model as my budget is very tight. I'm aware though that these models are prone to getting graphics failures. If this did happen then there seems to be a fix that real mac mods have detailed which is handy. My question is if I was forced to run on the integrated graphics only as per the fix, would it affect logic in any way ? Thanks for any help Edited by mckenzie126
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To run Logic 10.5 on these machines, you have to run the patched Mojave version - and 10.5.x currently crashes hard under a couple of circumstances (smart controls, drum kit designer) as those machines don't support Metal which Logic assumes to be there, so it's less than optimal.


You can run High Sierra with 10.4.x though, or the patched Mojave with 10.4.x, and that runs fine. Running on integrated graphics is no problem.


If you get a late 2012 machine onwards, these support Metal and so will run LPX 10.5.x.


(Note, I run a 2011 MBP with a failed AMD chip, so I know the score on this situation... ;) )

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