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Logic and VE Pro


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Hello everyone.


Experimenting with VE Pro using it on a single computer. I can see the benefit of having the plugs loaded outside of Logic and immediately available as i switch projects.


My question is this: Does Logic automatically connect to the VE Pro server when you open a project that has it set up? My demo copy does not, I have to go into each channel and reconnect to the server. Not sure if this is a limitation of the demo.


If you do need to reconnect each time, it doesn't seem like much of a time saver - certainly for a single Mac setup. So I think I can save the $$. Is anyone using on on a single Mac and finding it extremely useful?




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that's what I thought too - and maybe it is my user error. I know that I can't save anything in VE Pro - so maybe that has something to do with it. But, if I leave VE Pro open and I start Logic and connect to it, I see this:



Save that project, close it and re-open it, I see this:



Click connect:



Am I doing something wrong? Just trying to decide if this is enough of a benefit to my workflow to pay out the $220 for VE Pro.




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I help people troubleshoot over Skype or Zoom but it’s a paid service.


Ya, I knew that. And I don’t mean to ask for too much free advice. Just wondered if you’re supposed to have to connect each time. Seems like that’s been answered so I’ll keep playing and see if it is useful to me to buy it.


If I get stuck at that point, maybe I’ll contact you for some help.

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If you can’t save anything in a full version of VEP then that indicates a corrupted preference. But the demo could be understandably crippled.


You shouldn’t have to link every time, especially on the same computer. I use it on a separate and occasionally have to relink but that is because of restarts and network stuff.

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