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external harddrive crash


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hey david

one last thing.

when i hit - about this mac - more info - and then hit firewire in the hardware section the drive (include the name) is beeing shown.

it just doesn't work in the finder and i can't access it.

is that what you experienced too???


( i also tried the firewire 400 and usb 2.0 connections but nothing works.

it's an expensive icecube box btw...)


thanx very much for your help

have a good one


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If that's what is happening I would highly consider Disk Warrior. If the drive is being recognized by the system but the Finder is not mounting it then something is up with the structure tree it seems.


I would consider three possibilities.


1. If you have not restarted your computer at all since this happened I would consider doing that right now and then seeing if the hard drive will mount.


2. If that doesn't work, open up Disk Utility and see if it finds the hard drive. If it does, try to manually mount it by selecting it and then going under one of the menus and clicking mount. If that doesn't work, see if you can repair the drive using Disk Utility.


3. If neither of these two work, I would consider purchasing Disk Warrior and seeing if that would be able to fix the drive's problems.


4. As a last resort I would buy a second firewire enclosure to test it out.


5. If the data is really critical, you can go to any place that restores data from hard drives, but that is a VERY expensive option.


Well I guess that's 5 possibilities but hopefully these will be of help to you. I can't think of anything else to do in this matter, except re-record your music. Ouch!


My philosophy is to always have two hard drives with the exact same data (backup), so in case one fails I will be able to replace the data. This is why I always save everything on my PowerBook and then once a week I copy all my home directory over to my external HD.

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you're the best.

no.2 worked. i'm back to normal.

i'm a lil embarassed that i didn't come up with that myself...


thank you guys very much for the help. i'm relieved since that s#!+ was expensive and i had two new songs on it i hadn't backupped.

thanx again

have a good one - i will


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