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"real-time" / "live" Vocoder possible w


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Is anyone able to tell me if they can get Logic Pro'z EVOC vocoder sidechaining to a vocal track for "live" / simultaneous recording?

When I prerecord a source track it's no problem but doing it in "real-time" is not working for me so far... maybe i have overlooked something?


thanx PETE

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well, i can think of several difficulties with this process, so what is your problem?

not recording?


can you explain?

whats your system?



Sorry Nigel, I thought i did explain.

If i "sidechain" the EVOC with an existing pre-recorded vocal track it works nicely, however if i arm two tracks and try to record a vocal and EVOC simultaneously there is no sound from EVOC during recording. I've never really used a "real" vocoder but i was under the impression it should be able to work LIVE in RealTime as you record both vocal and vocoder/keyboard track.

Since LOGIC now handles live processing such as reverb on vocals I'm hoping it might be able to handle this task as well.


LP7.2/OSX 10.4.3. on G5 dual 2.0 w/3GB

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Hey Pete,


I remember tackling this when I first jumped into Logic and if I remember correctly...to use your voice as a modulator in the EVOC live you have to use an input object with the volume all the way down and use a pre-fader send to the insert of the EVOC20....there you go, now you can play along with all your favorite Roger tunes! ;)



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ok heres an example:

1. open a EVOC-PS20 polysynth on audio inst 1

2. set side chain to input 1

3. set mute and record on audio 1

4. go to arrange, click on audio 1 so its highlighted

5. hold down shift , and click on audio inst 1

6. both should now be highlighted

7. press record, you should hear the vocoder now responding to the voice input

8. stop recording

9. change sidechain to audio 1

thats it :wink:


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Hallo Nigel... FUN FUN FUN ON THE AUTOBAHN! the "Input" thing vs. "Track" in the sidechain was what i was looking for...set to "input 10" to correspond to my RME Fireface front end phantom power in for my vocal condenser & it all started working beautifully. Thank you! thank you! danke and merci!!! :D PETE
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