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ProTools "Beat Detective" Style Editing Function in Logic?

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There's a mixing tutorial on Groove 3 by Kenny Gioia - "Mixing 101 - Mix Sessions from Hell" where he uses PT's Beat Detective to analyze a kick track's region.

It quickly placed a marker at the start of each kick hit transient and, with a click of a button, split the entire region into separate regions at each marker.


He then created a separate VI track with a sample to trigger a kick drum, created a single MIDI note in-line with the start of the first transient of the kick track.

Next, he copied the MIDI note>tabbed forward to next transient>pasted MIDI note and then repeated this to place a MIDI note at each transient of the entire track in a matter of seconds.


This enabled him to trigger a kick sample that is perfectly aligned with each original kick transient to layer with the other kick.


I have searched for a way to do this in Logic but have not been able to find a definitive process.


Is there a similar process in Logic?


If not, I certainly hope Apple is working on it because this is a massive benefit.

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Oh, Logic makes this *much* easier: Track -> Replace or Double Drum Track...


And from the manual: https://support.apple.com/guide/logicpro/replace-or-double-drum-sounds-lgcpc6df7141/mac



I'm sorry I haven't responded to your post. I'm not sure why but I missed the notification.


This is phenomenal!!


Thank you so much for pointing this out to me!

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