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Looking for realistic/authentic alto/tenor sax EXS sound?

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You are aware that these are completely different questions, right ? There is no saxophone in a standard orchestra. Yes, I know it was invented for exactly this, still, it didn't exactly catch on...


There is a myriad of orchstral libraries out there, from free to expensive, check out their demos. They all have one thing in common - you need to be able to write and arrange for orchestra to get decent results.

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I'm in the process of making a song, and I need a good sounding saxophone for the chorus lead. I've tried Logic's stock brass, but they all sound terrible, even the sax on my Jupiter 80. Anyone know where I can get a realistic sounding sax EXS? Any help would be super appreciative!

Why don't you post what you've done so far with the Logics stock brass.

Here's something I did.


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