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MIDI Transform, Double Speed, Range question WTF?


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What do I not understand about MIDI transform and range? The following happens whether MIDI Transform is set to Relative Position or Absolute Position, nor does it matter whether the option "Selection Defines Position Range" or "Marquee Defines Position Range" is selected.


I have a clip that is one measure long 173 1 1 1 to 174 1 1 1:




When I apply the MIDI Transform preset "Double Speed" to the notes, I get this:




The notes have been moved to before the start of the clip, and notice that all the notes start on the 92 tick, not the first, as I would expect from the Transform function DIV=2. Why do the notes (and their ends) not just slide 50% closer to 173 1 1 1?




I look forward to your help.



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Right! Details. Sorry; I'm usually better at this.


Logic Pro 10.6.0

OSX 10.15.7


Here is the file: Piano Improv 2 -transform problem.logicx.zip


Here is what happens when I do a Half Speed transform on the attached file:





Here is what happens when I do a Double Speed transform on the attached file:






Here are three videos from when I was making my first post. (I'm sorry, but I don't know how the youtube embed button works; it's not self-evident to me, and I could not find instructions in the help area.)






Thanks so much for your quick response.



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No, I have not "tried recreating a new MIDI region" or other explorations. I was just wondering what was going on with MIDI Transform.


Thank you for confirming that it was not user error. If you know any Logic programmers who might be interested in figuring out the bug, then please send it along to them.


Thanks again,


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