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X-Touch (MCU clone) Shuttle Rewind, Shuttle Forward


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I don't like to use the Shuttle Rewind and Shuttle Forward buttons on my X-Touch MCU clone so I changed them to do a simple Rewind and Forward commands in the Global Commands list in the controller assignment window . It works as expected except that the Rewind and F.FWD buttons now remains illuminated on the controller.


Is this normal? Something I do wrong?




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The MCU control surface module knows what commands the various buttons send, and what feedback paths there are back to screens and indicators on the MCU. There's not much you can do about that without some intelligent agent in between (wouldn't that be nice! ;) )


See what the behaviour is like if your turn off feedback on those assignments (or try a different feedback method if you can), but the bottom line is while you can reassign controls, you don't get any ability to change the behaviour of the code deep in the dark depths of the control surface module code - so sometimes, particularly in regard to custom feedback, you have to live with the behaviour you get. The control surface module for the MCU is designed to power the MCU, not act as a generic control surface interface layer, so it's limited in this regard.

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Well changing the feedback in any ways changes nothing Sir. But, hey! Those lights are pretty nice!

Oh man, my programmer (in another life) skills are vanishing in the haze and my brain shrinks with age... So I would need to hire the des99 agent to find a way to close those lights off! But a cheaper solution would be... to put some electric tape on those beautiful buttons! :mrgreen:

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