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Tip: Beat Mapping doesn't work on MP3 files


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This will hopefully save someone else the frustration I had...I'm using Logic Pro 7.2.3.


If you have a region, and you try to Analyze it for Beat Mapping--and NOTHING happens [no error messages, no results, no progress bar, just nothing] check to see if the audio file your region represents is an MP3 file.


This happened to me, but once I converted my MP3 into AIF everything went fine.


Frustrating that the manual section on Beat Mapping mentions nothing about MP3 incompatibility. Just one of the many things omitted from Apple's documentation...




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OMG thank you for this!!!!!!!!!


I have just started learning the beat mapping and could not figure it out....



thanks again for all the helpful insight. This is all of the stuff that should be in the manual... maybe an appendix in the back labeled "things that make you crazy"

2Gig Intel mac mini, 3G RAM, 10.5.5, Logic 8.0.2, Remote 25SL Compact, Digi 002 rack
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