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Ghost in my machine


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Hey folks, losing my mind.

I've got a session with about 10 audio tracks and some midi drums. At some point, I had programmed a beat repeater type effect on a high hat, like you hear in trap or whatever. It sounded cool, but it wasn't quite right, anyways I forgot about it, deal with later.

Later comes, I still hear it. But I tried soloing every channel, and it's only heard when I play the whole mix.

I then tried playing the mix, and muting every channel one by one, when they were all muted, the effect was still going! Like a little unwanted machine spraying trap bullets everywhere.

I looked at all my channels, found the plugins which could make this sound (note repeat or arpeggiator) and disabled them. No dice.

So do I have a ghost channel somewhere that I need to make viewable? Or has this sound somehow been bounced onto the Stereo track?

This is a track I've been working on for months. Please help. I'll gladly share the session with someone if you want to take a listen.

Thanks friends, happy mixing!

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