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The region(s) need to have the focus, they need to be selected for CMD+T to work. If for whatever reason (e.g.: I hit the down arrow by mistake and the focus is on an empty track) the region(s) loose focus, CMD+T does nothing on the region(s) I was working on.


If I have only one track and I hit the left or right arrow once, the region(s) loose focus.

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yes it had key focus in the vid. I removed prefs. fixed issue. i/o labels now gone, any way to get them back? Like if i start over and do it differently? (i still have old com.apple.logic10.plist) Also, hover over end of region now doesn't like me add fade.
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Did not stick. Its pretty random and must be prefs corruption. I even tried a new project with no template. Any chance a Logic update would fix it? I doubt it but re-entering all my I/O and other settings is tons of work. Also, for now I am stuck at OSX 10.14.6 because I cant afford to loose Photoshop. If i did update to current Logic would it work with OSX 10.14.6?
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