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Midi recording on Sep tracks from Sep input sources


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Yo you crazy cats!

I had a gig the other day (an actual gig with people and everything!)....Sydney has well opened up again!! Whoo Hooooo. Anyway, I digress......


I wanted to use Logic as part of my rig, I wanted to have my Babface's Midi input play a piano patch (Track one on Logic Keyspace) .... and....

A Native Instruments (M32) controller routed to a different track playing a different sound.


Straight forward hey!?

Well,.....hmmm not that easy.


I realise there are other ways to do this, but my MAIN question here is, can you select a specific MIDI input ONLY for a track within Logic?


Sure, we can assign different MIDI Channel numbers but that is a little harder thanks to NI only making their controllers transmit on #1. (I do know how to change that too)


Back to my original question however, can it be done?

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Yes, it can be done! See the following tutorial: https://www.logicprohelp.com/instruments-tracks-midi-channels/


If the Native Instrument keyboard is stuck sending MIDI Channel 1 then you can choose another channel for your other controller?


Alternatively, and if you don't need the ability to record the incoming MIDI performances onto tracks in Logic, then you can open the MIDI Environment window, go to the Click and Ports layer, and cable each MIDI input port from the Physical Input object straight to the desired software instrument channel strip (Option-click the little triangles to the right of the Physical Input object to select the desired software instrument channel strip from the Mixer layer).

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I second the Mainstage suggestion; but in case you need to quickly re-channel a keyboard here's a suggestion (I'm on a German system).


This is how things probably look out of the box:


Remove the connection from the "Sum" node of the physical input to the screen keyboard; place instead direct connections from the keyboard(s) you don't want to re-channel. Create a transformer and route the keyboard you want to re-channel through the transformer. In my case I want to switch the SQ-1 to channel 3.


Set up the transformer like this:


Then follow David's tutorial.


But yeah: Mainstage is IMO more suited for live performance; although it will require additional learning since a couple of things are different from Logic.

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